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TW#1 Playlist: ‘Ecstasy Killed the Casuals’

5 Nov

A few people asked about some of the music playing between bands last night, so here’s the tracklisting. With a couple of exceptions, the theme is contemporary Scottish artists – I will be more inventive next time. The title is a lyric from the Arab Strap song “Daughters of Darkness”.

I’ve made a Spotify playlist of everything they had available. You’ll find it here. Tracks marked with (*) were sadly unavailable at the time of making the playlist.

Prince Edward Island – “It’s all over bar the shouting”
‘This day is a good enough day’ (album) (Crocfingers, 2010)
Download: Amazon

Edwyn Collins – “In Your Eyes”
‘Losing Sleep’ (album) (Heavenly, 2010)
Download: Amazon

Let’s Buy Happiness – “Six Wolves”
‘Six Wolves’ (single) (Ghost Arc Records , 2010)
Download/Purchase: Bandcamp

Remember Remember – “Get Good”
‘RR Scorpii’ (EP) (Rock Action, 2010)
Download: RCRDLBL (Free!)
Purchase: Rock Action

Yahweh – “Make Me Stop” (*)
‘Trapped in Kansas / Yahweh Split’ (single) (Gerry Loves Records, 2010)
Download/Purchase: Bandcamp

The Twilight Sad – “Reflections Of The Television (Errors Remix)”
‘The Wrong Car’ (EP) (Fat Cat, 2010)
Download: The Line of Best Fit (Free!)
Purchase: Fat Cat

mitchell museum – “Tiger Heartbeat” (*)
‘The Peters Port Memorial Service’ (album) (Electra French, 2010)
Download: Amazon
Purchase: Direct from band

King Creosote – “No One Had It Better (Bullion Remix)”
‘No One Had It Better’ (single) (Domino, 2009)
Download: Domino

Broken Records – “A Darkness Rises Up”
‘Let Me Come Home’ (album) (4AD, 2010)
Download: Amazon

Arab Strap – “Daughters of Darkness” (*)
‘Scenes of a Sexual Nature’ (box set) (Chemikal Underground, 2009)
Download: Pitchfork (Free!)

The Scottish Enlightenment – “Little Sleep”
‘Little Sleep’ (EP) (Armellodie, 2010)
Download/Purchase: Bandcamp

Conquering Animal Sound – “Giant” (*)
‘CAS / Debutant Split’ (single) (Gerry Loves Records, 2009)
Download/Purchase: Bandcamp

Swimmer One – “Dead Orchestras” (*)
‘Dead Orchestras’ (album) (Biphonic, 2010)
Download/Purchase: Bandcamp

Silver Columns – “Heart Murmurs”
‘Yes and Dance’ (album) (Moshi Moshi, 2010)
Download: Amazon

The Kays Lavelle – “Ten Times (The Japanese War Effort Remix)” (*)
‘Ten Times’ (single) (Wiseblood Industries, 2010)
Download: Bandcamp (Free!)

Jesus H. Foxx – “I’m Half the Man You Were”
‘Matter.’ (EP) (Song, By Toad, 2010)
Free Download/Purchase: Song, By Toad

Steve Mason – “Boys Outside”
‘Boys Outside’ (album) (Double Six/Domino, 2010)
Download: Amazon

Burnt Island – “A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again” (*)
‘Music and Maths’ (EP) (Chaffinch Records, 2010)
Download: Amazon
Purchase: Chaffinch Records

The Unwinding Hours – “Knut”
‘The Unwinding Hours’ (album) (Chemikal Underground, 2010)
Download: Amazon

TW#1 04 NOV 2010: Meursault / Fuzzy Lights / Strangers Almanac / Esperi

5 Nov


DUNDEE Dexters
04 NOV 2010

Our first event, passed successfully.